Customizing your Ak rifle – hand guards.

MVD Spetsnaz team member sporting hand guards made by MFT

MVD Spetsnaz team member sporting hand guards made by MFT, Picture by Михаил Михин

For many Ak operators, this is one of the most controversial subjects. Should they customize their wood furniture on their Ak’s or leave it “as is”? Especially in US I have witnessed many times how so called “purists” ripped apart across the online forums poor guys who were trying to modify their rifles. I honestly think that there is room for everything. If someone is happy with bare “wood” and has no need for forward grip, light or etc, more power to them. However, if you are looking to get most out of your Ak, customization of hand guards is probably very high on your  priority list. For me, modifying front end on my rifle was extremely important, because I’m using top portion of the hand guard for my little optic. So I have decided to go with full rail system for top and bottom portion (currently I’m using AK-47 Modular Forearm Assembly MkIII from Damage Industries). But some need only some small pieces of rail available at the bottom and on the sides – like something used by this MVD Spetsnaz operator from picture posted above. It is hand guard made by MFT . There are many other choices out there. You can even try to import some rail systems out of Russia, but usually prices are really high, besides, as we can see from our picture, even Russian operators are using US made accessories.

MVD Spetsnaz Hardware Picture by Михаил Михин

MVD Spetsnaz Hardware Picture by Михаил Михин

Also please remember that just because someone else is using equipment “A” it doesn’t automatically mean that the same equipment will be good for you. The best option is always to test in person some of the components before purchasing these; however, this is rather difficult in today’s internet shopping era. So please don’t let anyone tell you how your Ak should look like, it is all up to you – an individual operator – it is you, who’s going to use your rifle most, not anyone else…

Please don’t forget to vote in our voting pool – Have you customized hand guards on your Ak yet?

-Rob Ski

5 thoughts on “Customizing your Ak rifle – hand guards.

  1. Guys my AK is a Cylinder version and I have now developed an interest in Saiga Aks of Russian origin . Can someone who has used both give me a review of each?

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